New Website Launching August 1, 2017

July 4, 2017


Since my birthday falls in August, I will be making a big change with my online website as part of the celebration.  Not only will it go by a different name, but it will also be a multimedia site that will embody all of my artistic work, musically and otherwise, as well as document my own creative journey through life.

Here are some basic details:

  1. There will be a blog component that will be updated weekly.
  2. Lots of my visual work, including drawings, photography, and videos will be showcased.
  3. There will be a special page dedicated to my poetry and song lyrics.
  4. I will share what I have learned through writings about living with intention.
  5. My shows, tour announcements, and other events, will be promoted.
  6. There will be a store that will sell music and limited edition prints of my art.
  7. I will be much more engaged with my website than with social media.

Ultimately, I want my new website to be a work of art unto itself. All of these elements will not be included right away, but I envision a slow but steady expansion through time.

When the site launches, all traffic headed to will be redirected to my
brand new online home.

Enjoy your summer and find your bliss.


What’s In a Name?

June 29, 2017


Recently, I announced on all of my social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, that I have decided to start using the name “Roqué” in place of “Gordon Roqué”.  I have also decided to go by this name in real life.

For the record, the name “Roqué” is actually part of my legal name given at birth.  It is the one name out of the actual four I have been given with which I identify most.

I am my identity.

The name “Roqué” identifies my family heritage and my ethnicity as a Filipino.  I want to embrace this wholeheartedly.  Every time this name is uttered, it hearkens back to my lineage, cultural history, and all of the hard work and sacrifices that brought my family and I to where we are today.  To me, the name “Roqué” embodies this integral part of my identity in more ways than “Gordon” ever did.

As such, it is time that I used it and put it, along with all that it represents, at the forefront of my life and all my creative pursuits.  It is one surefooted step forward toward being the most authentic version of who I truly am.

In the coming months, I will be taking more of these steps.  A new website (with a new web address to be announced) will be unveiled along with other new twists and turns, more art, and definitely more music.

Thank you all kindly for understanding and for your cherished friendship.









Roqué Performing LIVE at the Basement June 24th!

June 20, 2017


Roqué (the artist formerly known as Gordon) will be performing on Saturday night, June 24, 2017, at Nashville’s The Basement music venue at 1604 8th Ave. S at 7:00 PM. He will be part
of an evening entitled “Same Old Song” (presented by JJ Jones) in which several artists
perform their own unique versions of Nancy Sinatra’s classic hit “These Boots Were Made for

Catch Roqué as he plays a re-imagined piano version of the song along with Andrew Weitze on
electric guitar. Advance tickets are available for $6 at, and
admission will be $8 at the door.

A New Season of Where Pianos Roam

May 11, 2017

Creativity / Design / Inspiration / Photography / Where Pianos Roam

For several years now, I have engaged in an ongoing project called Where Pianos Roam (also called WPR).  I have been documenting the exploits of a travelling miniature grand piano named Oreo and her rowdy bench named Buttercup.  Due to academic commitments, I decided to take a break from it for a year.  That year has now ended, and it is time to kick things off again.

A new season of adventures begins on May 15, 2017, on Instagram, which has been the new home of the project for a while now.

I’ll be promoting this all month, and we will have a whole year of shenanigans.

Follow along on Instagram @wherepianosroam

You can see all of the magic on your PC or MAC at:

There is more to come.

Enjoy the journey.



April 30, 2017


It is important to acknowledge those words that resonate within us.  The other day, I came across this quote, and on some deeper level, it struck a chord.

What if we all are more powerful and capable than we allow ourselves to be?

What would that look like?